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Custom PC Builds

Presentation is paramount to a PC looking at its best.

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At TMB our philosophy is to always put the customer's needs at the forefront of our business, and sometimes that means we need to look at something that simply isn't available off the shelf.

Whilst we appreciate that any one can go into a store or browse the internet armed with enough cash to pick up what are advertised as the 'Best high end workstation' or the 'Ultimate Gaming PC', but we know from experience in many cases you could walk out with something entirely unsuitable for your needs. The sheer number and variety of PCs available on the market today is mind boggling, and you could spend anything from £400 to over £10000 on a workstation or gaming PC - so how do you make the right decision? At TMB, we always prefer to be completely honest, so if you can't get what you want for your budget, we'll tell you in the nicest possible way.

We have been asked our opinion many times of advertised 'high end' PCs and workstations, and we always ask the same questions: what exactly are you looking for, what will the PC be primarily used for, how far will your budget stretch?

It is for those reasons we offer a fully customised PC build service for our more discerning clients. That way you will get a system designed to fit both your needs and your budget. Whether you are after a lightning fast graphics workstation or a gaming system that'll run all the latest titles at their highest graphics settings, we can design and build a system to meet those requirements.

Many retailers outsource their PC building to third-party companies rather than build and test them in-house. This can lead to a number of complications including limited stability testing, inadequate attention to detail and careless construction. None of the computers we build can be bought in the shops as we concentrate on producing high performance computers for the home, office and especially for gamers and professional 3D rendering / digital photo/video editors.

We build a computer to suit your needs, to our standards and exact specifications, so you don't pay for parts that you may not use. Because we build our own PCs, Workstations and Servers we know them inside out; every component is extensively tested by our own technicians, so you get a rock solid system, with no unneccessary bloatware, that's ready to go out of the box - all you need to do is install your Applications, Games and or software and you are ready to go. Also, because we build to order in our own workshop we know, if something should go wrong, how to put things right, quickly and without fuss.

Having been producing custom PCs for over a quarter of a century now, when we are asked to quote for a specific machine for a specific purpose, we can guarantee what you will get is as close to what you want as can possibly be done for your budget.

Example 1:
Our client had an 18 year-old son who had been gaming on a low budget laptop and had become increasingly frustrated with the lack of performance. As they were on a very tight budget they could not afford the high end gaming PC that he truly wanted. By very careful attention to detail and watching the pre-owned market very carefully, we were able to build him a suitable gaming PC with all the capability he needed at only 60% of the price of an equivalent new PC.

Example 2:
Our client had seen a PC advertised as the ultimate CAD workstation and had been quoted approximately £3000 per PC; he contacted us to see if we could provide the same machine at a better price. We did better than that, by providing him with a much better workstation and saving him around £700 per machine in the process.

Example 3:
Our client had bought software to produce complicated 3D models from a series of photographs. His current machine was struggling to produce a model from only 5 photographs in almost 2 hours; we built him a workstation that produced a model from over 50 photographs in less than 30 minutes, all at a fraction of the cost of a high street 'workstation'.

Example 4:
Our client, a dental practitioner, needed a mobile PC capable of scanning the inside of a patient's mouth at 64 frames per second and producing a 3D model of their teeth in the shortest possible time; we built a top end workstation that could handle the task in less than two minutes, then supplied and constructed him with a trolley fitted with a UPS that allowed the staff to be truly mobile and could be unplugged from the mains supply without having to shut down the PC. To provide a network connection that was much faster than WiFi would allow, we integrated a PowerLine system that not only enabled the PC to connect to the existing LAN by simply plugging in the mains extension cable, but gave a very reliable 70MB+ connection to the network.

At TMB, it is true that we not only have a passion for high quality PCs but a very real desire to provide all of our customers with the very best that technology can offer, at a price they can afford.


A mobile Intra-Oral scanning unit

Mobile X-Ray

A high flow, high performance Dark Rock Pro 3 CPU cooler

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A performance upgrade to an AMD Radeon R9 280x

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A typical bench setup to test component compatibility

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All the right components in all the right places

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Keeping it exceptional

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