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What exactly IS a Support Contract?

A support Contract is a simple, convenient way of ensuring that should something go wrong with your computer or IT equipment, you know you have somebody to turn to in an emergency who is available at the end of the telephone to help you.

It may just be a simple thing that's stopping you working, but for many people they're not sure it isn't something serious. Trying to fix it yourself always carries the risk that you could make it worse. And that's not good.

With a Support Contract all you need to do is pick up the phone and call our dedicated Support Line to get put through to a Support Technician who can help you within minutes.

Peace of Mind

A Support Contract gives you absolute Peace of Mind, knowing you have a direct line to the people who can help you most in your time of need. With a Support Contract you simply pay a modest monthly subscription that allows you to contact us as many times as you need to in order to resolve your problem.


Suppose he can't talk me through the problem?

Many of our customers take advantage of our 'Remote Desktop' option where we can operate your computer from our own offices. It does look a bit wierd, seeing your mouse pointer move around the screen whilst you're not touching it, but it's a great way to fix things without having to wait for a Technician to come out to see you and charge the time.

What if it's serious?

Occasionally, you might have a problem where something actually breaks, or goes wrong in a way that can't be fixed over the phone. When that happens, one of our Technicians will come out to see you and try to fix it on the spot. On the very rare occasions that he can't mend it there and then, we'll always try to give you a working solution to keep you going until the faulty item can be repaired or replaced

Keeping it Easy

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