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Why wallets will soon be left at home

Digital Wallet

CARRYING a 'digital wallet' is to become an option for millions more people this year as banks extend contactless payment technology. There are 36.3million 'tap and go' cards in use across Britain, which can be used to buy goods worth up to ££20 without entering a Pin, according to the UK Cards Association.
TSB plans to offer the technology to all of its 2.2million debit card customers by the end of June.
"More and more people are using contactless technology for small purchases," said Jatin Patel, the bank's products director.
Meanwhile, the Zapp app will be available to 1 8million current account holders with HSBC, First Direct, Nationwide, Santander and Metro Bank this autumn.
It sends a code to a user's smartphone which will only work for online purchases at first.
Zapp said it expects it to be enabled for at least one in five in-store payments from late 2015, meaning consumers can "leave their wallets at home".
There are already more than 164,000 contactless terminals in stores such as Marks & Spencer and Boots.


Smartphone vs Tablet vs Psion?

I read an appalling article recently in the Telegraph Online, where a reader had asked if it was worthwhile repairing his Psion Series 5 as the cable had failed.

The responder said that as the Psion was so old it made no sense whatsoever to even think about repairing it as the enquirer would be better off buying one of the new breed of tablets or smartphones as they were the most logical, suitable successor.

What struck me was the blatantly stupid opinion that if something was old it was simply not worth considering for repair. How blinkered an opinion is that? I cannot believe that anyone who considers themselves even the least bit knowledgeable in the field of technology could even begin to think that such an opinion would carry any sort of weight whatsoever amongst those who know and understand such concepts.

The Psion was an incredibly forward-looking device with some applications that are still, to this day, unavailable in the most modern of iPads, Android tablets or SmartPhones and it is far more useful as a tool to the technocratic than many of the graphically orientated, colourful apps that appear on an almost daily basis yet offer no useful service other than to provide simplistic solutions or bolster the ego of the developer.

For an actual device that works as expected, lasts a long time on standard batteries, is simple to use and delivers what you need in a simple, understandable fashion then you should definitely consider keeping your Psion rather than looking at iPads, Android tablets or SmartPhones.

Psion Series PDAs. Still desired by people who want results, not those who want to flash their latest tech in front of their friends.

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