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TMB international

Hardware and Software Support

At TMB we realise there are times when your computers just don't play properly. It could be a simple matter of not doing what you want it to, perhaps the programme you've installed doesn't work the way you expect it to, or maybe you'd like to upgrade some parts of your system to a higher standard.

Or maybe your business is starting to grow, you don't currently have a network in place, and would like to know just how easy or difficult setting one up would be.

Or maybe you have a network at the office, and would really like to work from home, but access all your stuff at work.

So many wireless networks are just not up to scratch, so ask us for a site evaluation to see how you could get back your fast wifi access.

Keeping IT simple

Many IT support companies would like you to think that it's a very complicated business that only the clever people understand. It isn't. Computers are inherently stupid objects, that only do what they're told. Sometimes, we tell them the wrong thing, or they read the wrong instructions. That's machines for you. They just need a little bit of understanding every now and again.
At TMB we talk their language, and we do that by using small words and big letters. It's the only way to get them to understand, sometimes.


Keeping IT real

It's the same when we talk to you too. There's never a time when we will try to baffle you with science, or tell you something just for the sake of sounding techy. What a waste that would be, for us as well as you.
With TMB, we keep it on a level that you can understand. It's the only way as far as we are concerned.

TMB - the support arm

This is where TMB comes in. We are not only a dedicated IT Support Company, but we follow the philosophy of honesty and simplicity in business, and that means we won't baffle you with technogeeky talk, or patronise you for your level of IT understanding. We'll always use plain English and we'll always do our best to explain things in a way that you can understand, so that you never feel that we're trying to talk down to you at any time.

When you talk to TMB - you get real English, that you can understand, that makes sense.

Keeping it Understandable

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