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Networking: Not scary, and quite straightforward

Even today, with so many of us owning computers, there are still a huge number of businesses that don't have their computers on a network. Whether that's because it seems quite a complicated thing to do, or due to the fear of the cost of doing so, is not really important. The simple fact is - if you've got more than one computer, and you don't have a network, you'll definitely be better off with one.

Networks for computers are really very simple, in fact they're not much different from your electrical system at home. As long as each PC is connected to the network with the right sort of equipment, getting them talking to each other is relatively straightforward - as long as you follow some pretty basic rules, (like your electrics at home). You can't make a cuppa or watch the television without plugging it in and turning it on, and your PC is pretty much the same.


Obviously there are certain things that we need to know, and certain pieces of equipment you must have. But, with the right bits in place, we could have you all networked without any pain or trouble.

In fact, more and more home users are working with their own networks now, especially with the growth of broadband in the home. If you've got a router, and if you've got wireless, you've got a network. Expanding it is very simple, and can save you so much effort.

If you're a business and looking to either install or expand your network, then just give us a call. We have clients who have worked for years using USB sticks to transfer stuff between PCs, and yet once they've installed their first network, they wonder why they didn't do it years ago.

Call us and talk to us, we're more than happy to give advice and help you decide.

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