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TMB international

The first 13 years

TMB as a company were incorporated in January 1996 and initially provided the Architectural and Design community with high level graphics and visualisation services. Since that time TMB have developed the business into one that now provides both software and hardware support, web design and hosting services, Consultancy, help and advice to a number of clients across the UK.

Whilst the Company is registered in County Durham we cover both the North and South of the United Kingdom and operate out of business premises in County Durham.

2009-2010 - changes

2009 to 2010 saw a very difficult financial situation for a number of businesses with many making significant changes in order to reduce some of their costs. Many of them have reduced their support levels and had to pull back on their commitment to their client base.
Some of those changes affected TMB, too, with the result that we have streamlined our business and opened up some new areas of operation, mainly in the North of England.

2011 - new growth

2011 was a difficult year for many of us, and as we all emerged from the financial difficulties we faced it made many of us re-think about how we could work more efficiently, more carefully.
For TMB, it marked an extension of our business, with a new structure, better facilities, faster networking and more robust services.

2012 - 2019

Since 2012 we have become more specialised, concentrating more on the integration of services and processes within your businesses with the aim of ensuring that your business services are fully conversant with each other: i.e. everything you have talks to everything else.

in 2015 we welcomed Brian as a full-time member of staff, bringing not only a wealth of knowledge of component integration but also an exceptionally high standard of build quality to all our custom PC and Server builds. This has allowed us to offer an expanded range of fully customised hardware to not only meet our clients' requirements, but in most cases far exceed their expectations.


2020 - to date

As we all started back at work after Christmas 2019 I don't think there were many that would foresee the huge change that would soon be incorporated into all our lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced massive changes into not only our social lives but also the way we live, work and communicate. The days of actually 'going to work' seem a long time ago for many of us, and so we have had to adapt to new methods of working, new ways to do business, and for many, new ways to survive.

Families are in many cases no longer able to meet face to face, businesses and news reports are moving much more online, and we have seen the insides of more people's houses, and marvelled at more bookshelves in the background than any of would have imagined beforehand. Viewing the world this way has now become mainstream for many of us, yet for others, it is a step away from what they are used to. For grandparents, particularly, being separated from family has been very tough.

At TMB, we have been helping both business and families to keep in touch with each other by using whatever technology we can to assist. For some, this might be as simple as introducing a smart phone to an elderly relative where before they had just a landline; for businesses, we have helped with setting up offices for remote working, connecting to the office via a VPN, or in some cases, assisting employees stuck overseas to remotely connect to their workplace and continue working whilst abroad.

With the changes brought about by Brexit on January 1st 2021, some of these challenges have been even more difficult, but at TMB we are doing whatever we can to assist our clients, their businesses and their families to continue as normally as it is possible to do, in whatever way we can.

We know that the current situation is very hard on many of our clients, families and friends, but rest assured, we will always do whatever we can to help out until such times as some form on normality returns.

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