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TMB international

Who we are

TMB international are a small, family-run company specialising in providing IT support, integration of IT services, hardware and software sales and support, plus provision of web and email hosting services for businesses primarily in the North-East of England but also throughout the United Kingdom.

We believe that any business, from the single person operating a personal service company to organisations of up to a hundred or so staff, deserve a support service that helps them to achieve what they want in business, delivered in a clear and helpful manner, without all the confusing technobabble that many IT companies prefer to use.

What we do

At TMB we talk your language. No different from the everyday language that we all use, IT speak is just about understanding. Most of the technical sounding stuff is just that: technical sounding. Yet if you ask almost anyone that has an IT problem they'll almost all say the same thing: I don't understand it, it's all so complicated, I wish it were simple.

That's what we do at TMB - we keep IT simple.

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When your IT goes wrong

When you have an issue with your IT - or if something happens that you don't understand, it can be a very trying time. The difficulty whenever that happens is knowing where to go, who to turn to, who to trust with your equipment, and most importantly, your data.

There are a huge number of IT companies and consultants out there and they all do roughly the same thing: they fix your broken stuff. Whether it's a failed laptop, or a PC that won't boot, the important thing is not to worry. In almost every case your equipment can be made to work again, and if not, your data can be recovered in almost any situation.

At TMB we understand the small organisations, the one-man businesses, the Personal Service Companies. After all, they are the backbone of British Business. Without them, who would look after the interests of the majority of companies in the UK?

We talk your language;
we fit your schedules;
we sort out your problems.
TMB - keeping IT simple.

Keeping IT simple

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